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Enterprises turn on the “green” mode – Safe, convenient, economical with Green Long Phat

The “dizzying” development of the economy, society and services is now creating a “headache” problem about serious plastic waste pollution. Recognizing the current state of the environment and their social responsibilities, large enterprises, especially the F&B industry in Vietnam, are changing proactively and positively in the trend of “green” to be environmentally friendly, with society. […]

Fountain grass, what is Fountain grass?

Fountain grass, also known as American grass, purple elephant grass, elephant tail grass, scientifically known as Cenchrus setaceus (co-name Pennisetum setaceum) belongs to the herb family – Poaceae, is one of 100 invasive alien species. Harm in the world has been warned by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). It is unknown […]

Do you know where the Corypha lecomtei cup handle comes from??

Corypha lecomtei handle strap is made from a palm leaf tree, also known as the let-go tree or a palm-leaf tree, a palm-leaf tree (scientific name: Corypha lecomtei), a flowering plant of the Areca family. This species was first scientifically described by Odoardo Beccari ex Paul Henri Lecomte in 1917. The trunk can grow up […]

What is plastic waste? What is disposable plastic waste?

1. Concept 1.1. The concept of plastic waste Plastic waste is a term used to refer to plastic products that have been used or not in use and thrown away. Plastic waste includes: plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic straws, old plastic toys, … these products are characterized by long decomposition time, can be […]


1. The concept of plastic waste pollution: Plastic waste pollution (plastic pollution) is the accumulation of plastic items in the environment and adversely affects the living environment, human and animal health.   White pollution concept  The concept of “white pollution” is probably quite strange to many people, but this is a phrase used by scientists […]