How to reuse Cenchrus Setaceus GLP grass straws?

The eco-friendly Cenchrus Setaceus grass straw is completely new compared to the eco-friendly straws in use today, with the characters being quite stiff (almost like a bamboo tube), you can reuse at least 30 times if after using, clean, dry and store well.

Will Cenchrus Setaceus GLP grass straws change the taste of the drink?

Straw is made from Cenchrus Setaceus grass after it has been fully aged and dried, so it still retains the taste of the drink.

Which fruits are used in Corypha Lecomtei leaf handles?

The Corypha Lecomtei fruit handle strap is flexible and easy to handle so it can carry a wide variety of fruits such as grapefruit, coconut, melon, watermelon, and fruits of similar size and shape

Where is the Cenchrus Setaceus grass material obtained from?

With its dry preference, Cenchrus Setaceus grass is normally collected on high, dry and mountainous areas in Binh Thuan. In order to ensure the stability of raw materials, Green Long Phat has actively zoned and sold raw materials to meet the increasing demand for using mink straws of domestic and foreign markets.

How long does it take for the Cenchrus Setaceus grass straws to decompose completely in the wild?

Made from grass, the straw has quite a fast decomposition time, after using it in the natural environment, it only takes 2 to 3 months, the straw will be completely decomposed.

Where are the Corypha Lecomtei leaf materials used by Green Long Phat?

Corypha Lecomtei leaves in Binh Thuan are usually picked by farmers, using only the leaves to make brooms, hand-knitting, and the leaves are often used by farmers as fuel or compost crops. Green Long Phat has bought back from farmers to create a product of glasses; Environmentally friendly fruit handles.